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The back bone of any company in today’s time is in its Network Infrastructure. Integra­tion services that achieve design objectives, control interaction between live network nodes and maximize stability are essential for operators to get the network performance they want.


IBMS from ProNET offer a multitude of benefits. They help you plan operations and assess performance; make operation easier; improve building comfort, enhance safety, improve efficiency, save energy, and protect your assets.

Electrical Solution

We deal in providing turnkey solutions for designing of sub station & selection of equipment to our clients. Further, we also provide site services, such as installation, testing & commissioning of the system and operation & maintenance of the systems supplied and commissioned by us.

IT Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure designs involve much more than simply planning data outlets. We understand that dozens of technologies, most of which are not IT, must con­ nect – and that these technologies are situated in hundreds, even thousands, of locations around your facility.

LowVoltage Systems

We deliver complete IBMS Solutions. Strategic tie-ups with global leaders ensure a steady stream of relevant technology and know how to cater to any demanding situa­tion.Experience the benefits of the latest technology for your business.

Software Development

We provide Software Solutions in ERP Application, Customized Software Applications, Industrial Software Application Development, Web Application Development, Websites Development, Mobile APP Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Hosting Solutions

FacilityManagement Solution

Facility management an interdisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization, often associated with the administration of office blocks, arenas, schools, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc.


A smart home & Smart Office system that will control lighting, climate, environment systems, and appliances just by your voice command or through a mobile application.

OurApproach - Working Methodology.

Step 1: Assesment & Analysis

Assessment & Analysis basically is a process to identify human capabilities that supports the performance of a task under analysis. Therefore, it usually involves breaking down a task performance into smaller steps, and identifying different human capabilities that support the task performance. Within the structural framework of the IT field, task analysis is one segment of instructional design process. It is also the foundation for instructional design

Step 2: Planning & Designing

The Task Analysis sequences and describes measurable behaviors involved in the performance of a task. It also provides a detailed analysis of each task in terms of frequency, difficulty and importance. The analysis normally begins by observing and interviewing an exemplary performer (a person who is presently an expert performer) performing the task or by discussing the problem with other experts as discussed in the Needs Assessment.

Step 3: Implement & Integrate

Implementation simply means carrying out the activities described in your work plan. Executing a project is a very complex mission, as it requires the coordination of a wide range of activities, the overseeing of a team, the management of budget, the communication to the public, among other issues. The introduction into the implementation of projects in sustainable sanitation and water management, and highlights key aspects that have to be taken into account for a successful implementation

Step 4: Operate & Optimize

No matter how sustainable a project may have been in its design and construction, it can only remain so if it is operated responsibly and maintained properly. We ensure operation and maintenance personnel are part of the project planning and development process, including the establishing of commissioning criteria at the onset of a project.

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